Developing building blocks for the digital age

Plugandplay - cover 3DOrganizations are facing great challenges to deal with the accelerating impact of digitalization that affects almost every industry today.

Succesful organizations know how to connect to others and make use of the opportunities that digitalization brings. Welcome in the world of platforms, sharing economy and cocreation. Think of Facebook, Google, Tesla, Uber en AirBnb and how there are eating the world. What can your organization learn from these industry leaders and implement these strategies in your own organization?

The secret to a future proof business strategy lies in digital agility, digital adaptiveness: organizations must be plug&play, be able to tap into the knowledge and competences of others, leverage the wisdom of crowds and let third parties make additions and applications that bring new value to the customer.

In my book ‘The plug&play organization’ you will learn the principes of plug&play and how to implement these in your own organisation.

Don’t let Google, Facebook or Uber takeover your business. ‘The plug&play organization’ shows how your organization can prepare itself for the digital future in just a few simple steps.

This book builds further on my previous work on the wisdom of crowds, cocreation, platform economy and collaborative economy. See more of my work on this website:

Principles of the platform economy