Maurits Kreijveld MSc is an independent futurist and strategic consultant who is fascinated by the interaction between new technologies and businesses, governments, organizations and societies. On this website you can find more about his work.

The past few years Maurits has advised multiple organizations on the potential future impact of new technological developments on their organization, such as new business models (such as collaborative economy, platforms) and design of the public environment (smart cities).

The main theme of his work is ‘collective intelligence’ and the wisdom of crowds: how can organizations make better use of the expertise, knowledge, creativity and energy of everyone by using the web and new technologies? And how could this benefit our society as a whole: more sustainable, healthy ageing and innovation? What new challenges are organizations facing for instance in decision making and cocreation of their products and services?

Maurits worked with several think thanks on themes such as the societal impact of new technologies, scenario planning and foresighting and innovation models. Before, Maurits worked with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs on innovation, ict and new media policy. Maurits holds a Master’s degree in applied physics and is specialized in nanotechnology.

Please feel free to contact me via: wisdomofcrowd[at]

Maurits is a member of Council, a think tank for the internet of things.

My work

I talk and write about my work frequently.

I am a regular blogger on leading Dutch social media blogs such as, and

I also wrote books about my work (in Dutch), two of which were nominated for Managementbook of the year.

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