Maurits Kreijveld is an independent futurist and consultant. He is an expert in digital innovation, collaborative innovation and platform economics. He is founder and CEO of, a foresight consultancy.

He has advised multiple governments and companies on the potential future impact of new technologies on their organization, such as new business models (such as collaborative economy, platforms) and design of the public environment (smart cities).

Maurits worked with several think thanks on themes such as the societal impact of new technologies, scenario planning and foresighting and innovation models. Before, Maurits worked with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs on innovation, ict and new media policy. Maurits holds a Master’s degree in applied physics and is specialized in nanotechnology.

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Maurits is a member of Council, a think tank for the internet of things since 2006.


Maurits has published four books, three of which were nominated top 5 management book of the year. He wrote more than hundred well-read articles on leading Dutch websites, in magazines and edited volumes. He is also a frequent speaker, lecturer at business schools and regular guest in radio shows and on television.

Recently, Maurits published ‘The plug-and-play organization’ in which he describes the impact of digitalization on organizations. In this book he shows technologies and strategies that enable organizations to embrace digital innovation and transform. These include: the internet of things, crowdsourcing, digital platforms and API’s. Also business strategies are discussed (open-closed, central-distributed, using network effects).

In 2014 Maurits was first (and till today the only one) to publish a Dutch book on the platform economy (De kracht van platformen = The power of platforms). In this book, based on more than three years of extensive research, he describes the dynamics behind platforms and different innovation styles (competitive versus collaborative) in several industries ranging from ict, healthcare and manufacturing (3D-printing) to agriculture and banking (crowdfunding), publishing and logistics.

Maurits also participated in several international multistakeholder workshops both on technological and on social innovation such as ACSI, an international programme on societal innovation led by Aalto University.


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