Redesigning the Government – Let’s Do It Ourselves

As part of the future study Wisdom of the Crowd, STT organized a workshop at the PICNIC festival on September 14th 2011, 10:15 – 12:00.

In this workshop we discussed a future scenario in which citizens co-create government and politics themselves. What if every citizen becomes a Member of Parliament and what if they distribute tasks such as initiating, budgeting, weighing, prioritizing and monitoring? What about taking unpopular measures and safeguarding collective interests? How can future smart cities and social media be designed to facilitate these processes? What else is needed?

How can smart cities and social media facilitate citizens to take on public tasks such as conflict solving, decision making, creation, monitoring, budgeting and justice?

The output of this workshop and online discussions is input for the future study ‘Wisdom of the Crowd’ carried out by STT Foresight Studies. The outcome of this study will be published in the Spring of 2012 (in Dutch).

See the pictures and video below for an impression of the session.

Redesigning the Government – Let’s Do It Ourselves! from STT on Vimeo.


Four speakers shared their visions of the future of DIY Government, followed by a discussion with the panel and the audience.

  • Introduction – Redesigning the Government
    Maurits Kreijveld is project manager of the future study Wisdom of the Crowd at STT Foresight Studies. He is exploring the future of cocreation, social media and collective intelligence and the consequences for democracy, healthcare and innovation.
  • Citizen participation – What’s next after the ‘apps for democracy’?
    Peter Corbett is the founder and CEO of iStrategyLabs – an interactive agency that develops creative solutions to clients’ challenges and brings them to life in the digital and physical world. He’s widely known for his creative marketing approaches coupled with a deep technical background, and a focus on civic innovation through community building.
  • Citizen participation – a human centered design perspective
    Ingrid Mulder is an associate professor design techniques at Delft University of Technology and a research professor Human Centered ICT at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, specialized in contextual research and group dynamics her current research interest is in participation through making and co-creation.
  • Smart cities – provoking and facilitating interactions
    Ben Schouten is a full professor at Eindhoven University of Technology, Faculty Industrial design, Playful Interaction and a lector serious game design at Fontys Hogescholen. His group focuses on ambient game design, open ended play and playful interaction.

The discussion was moderated bij Marleen Stikker, director of Waag Society and cofounder of PICNIC.


Special thanks to Nathalie, Duco en Mary.

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